What our insurance clients are saying

Client testimonials for Actineo

We act as an innovative and competent partner for our insurance clients and create sustainable success stories for them. We provide significant added value for all parties involved in bodily injury claims management, contributing to insurers' value creation processes. The result is a high level of customer satisfaction – as the following testimonials show.

Head of Property/HUK Claims Department

Marco Becker

DEVK Versicherungen has been working with Actineo, a Verisk business, on data collection since 2012, and on invoice checks in the context of social security recourses since 2016. Our company also tasks the medical department at Actineo with providing file-based medical evaluations.

"The team for invoice check at Actineo has a level of expertise that guarantees solid evaluation of claims in terms of handling injuries suffered as a result of accidents, the guidelines applicable at the time of the accident, and how to correctly apply coding guidelines. By cooperating with Actineo, we can achieve sustainable savings of around ten per cent of our original claims. Because we also collaborate with Actineo on collecting and digitising medical documents, they have all the data we need for invoice checks.

Actineo's medical assessments complement its comprehensive range of services for efficient claims management."

Head of vehicle claims management, LVM

Roger Schmitt

LVM Landwirtschaftlicher Versicherungsverein Münster a. G. has been working with Actineo, a Verisk business, on collecting and digitising medical and clinical reports since 2012.

"Actineo takes care of collecting all the relevant medical documents with outstanding speed and competence. Using the data that Actineo has digitised and coded according to ICD 10, our claims managers get guide values for assessing pain and suffering compensation in multiple injury claims and even more security when it comes to risk assessment. Meaning they can identify injury risks quicker and target points of intervention.

The result: short turnaround times, a quick claims process, and lower costs."

Head of vehicle and accident claims, R+V Allgemeine Versicherung

Silke Rimmelspacher

R+V Versicherung has been working with Actineo, a Verisk business, on invoice checks in the context of social security recourses since 2017.

"Thanks to Actineo's invoice check, we were able to make significant cost savings in just a short period of time. We mainly use Actineo on moderately to highly complex bodily injury claims and we have cooperated closely with the relevant team to create a process that takes into account our individual claims settlement requirements.

Actineo checks whether the costs incurred were caused by the accident, whether medical standards and guidelines have been adhered to and also whether fees have been calculated correctly in accordance with the statutory regulations. The medical expertise of the auditors at Actineo guarantees an independent, objective and well-founded invoice check no matter whether you're using the Standardised Benchmark for Statutory Health Insurance (EBM), GOÄ/GOZ (Schedule of Fees for Physicians/Dentists) for Private Health Insurance or the DRG for settling hospital services.

The medical advice provided by colleagues at Actineo has been indispensable when it comes to making the right assessment, especially in the case of serious bodily injuries with long or complex healing processes."


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