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Claims settlement tools for insurers

Our digital claims settlement tools help to manage individual cases and support overall reserve and cost management measures. By providing qualified evaluations and generating medical assessments, Actineo, a Verisk business, makes it easier for insurance clients to evaluate medical risk in bodily injury claims. Our standardised and systematic medical invoice check helps make claims settlement fair and efficient.


Claims settlement tools for efficient claims management and objective payment processing

Added value

Transparent claims management based on data
Standardised and simplified reserve controlling


Motor liability insurance
General liability insurance
Medical malpractice insurance
Private accident insurance
Life insurance/occupational disability insurance
Private health insurance

Our NEOValue services

We help our clients evaluate bodily injury claims correctly, taking a data-based approach that makes it easier to allocate cases based on evidence and to identify escalating damages.

The Actineo reserve calculator helps insurers calculate and set aside claims reserves. The tool is based on standardised calculation methods and transparent historicisation.

The reserve calculator is comprised of a reserve sheet where all relevant data concerning the injured party is recorded, plus a reserve calculation module which takes into account all claims expenditure items. Reserves are calculated for all relevant items using standardised calculation methods. The tool also allows you to manage your claims reserves with a complete history of all changes made to the reserve over the lifecycle of a case.

The application can be used as a feature in the Actineo Cockpit or alternatively can be purchased separately from the claims platform.

You can watch a video on the reserve calculator here.

Our invalidity/pain and suffering claims settlement tools are backed up by medical expertise and help insurers estimate costs and calculate reserves.


  • Degree and severity of bodily injury evaluated at early stage based on desk review (need for surgery or rehabilitation, expected care risk, mortality risk).
  • Doctor's opinion on future medical claims (assessment of future treatment costs for reserve adjustment, summaries, severance packages).
  • Assessment of pain and suffering compensation using a guide value (fed directly into the insurer's system via the German Insurance Association/GDV interface if requested).

Our NEOExpert services

We help insurance clients assess the medical risks in bodily injury claims.


  • File-based medical assessments
  • Check-up reports
  • Care reports
  • Medical case conferences via phone or video
  • Client-specific assessment management

Working with lawyers, we help insurance clients conduct legal assessments of bodily injury claims.


  • Creating legal expert reports
  • Holding legal case conferences

Please note: ACTINEO GmbH is only a broker and does not offer any legal services itself.

With our standardised and systematic Medical Invoice Check, Actineo helps to improve cost-effectiveness in social security recourses.


  • Invoice check for social security recourse
  • Reviewing invoices sent to private policyholders according to DRG, GOÄ (Schedule of Fees for Physicians) and GOZ (Schedule of Fees for Dentists).



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