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In "AM PULS", we keep friends and clients up to date with the latest goings-on at Actineo, a Verisk business, including new services and add-ons, plus industry trends and useful knowledge.

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Issue 14 - September 2023


The cover article deals with the topic of "severe facial and jaw trauma" - a frequent consequence of accidents. Other articles provide information on digital innovations that Actineo, a Verisk business, is initiating for the industry - such as intelligent, fully automated document processing or a new tool that can be used to automatically identify and manage risk cases. The dynamically growing service of active support with qualified claims teams, which is convincing more and more customers, is reported. The cross-sector claims ecosystem for the insurance industry in continental Europe, which Actineo is developing in cooperation with the Verisk, has been expanded with the addition of the SV Krug and the launch of services for the property sector.

Issue 13 - March 2023


The cover article on the "Insurance Factory" by Stephen Voss, Co-Founder and CSO Sales & Marketing of Neodigital Versicherung AG, explains that success stories in the insurance industry are written above all where cost efficiency and customer focus are combined with a clear digital strategy. You can also read how Actineo, a Verisk business, supports insurance companies in the composite lines as well as private health insurers with qualified claims teams and digital applications. In the interview, two sales managers look at current and future challenges for the industry and explain possible solutions. The cross-line of business claims ecosystem for the insurance industry in continental Europe, which Actineo is building together with Verisk, is another focus of this issue.

Issue 12 - September 2022


In the cover story of the twelfth issue of the Actineo client magazine, Prof Jörg Kopecz, FOM University of Economics & Management, highlights why ethics will be just as important for insurers as technical expertise when it comes to working with Artificial Intelligence. This issue also contains reports on how the job of processing medical documents is being automated thanks to a new tool and how a digital tool can calculate premiums for customers interested in pet insurance in a matter of seconds. While in an interview with an insurance client and an article from an Actineo expert assessor, readers can find out how important empathy and medical expertise can be in the claims settlement process.

Issue 11 - March 2022


The eleventh issue of the Actineo client magazine includes a guest article on the current legal situation surrounding social insurance provider compensation claims. The cover story takes a look at the new Actineo assessor's platform. While an interview explains why a holistic cloud strategy can help advance the automation of processes. AM PULS 11 also has information on the expansion of the Actineo claims eco-system which now includes new services (TPA) and new products (pets), plus updates on Actineo's integration into the international network of new shareholder Verisk.

Issue 10 - June 2021


The tenth issue of the Actineo client magazine contains information on important trends in settling bodily injury claims and medically insured events, such as integrated claims platforms and forecasting models in the medical malpractice insurance sector, extensive automation of small claims in bodily injury claims, and front teeth trauma which is still not being given sufficient treatment at many medical facilities after accidents.

Issue 09 -November 2020


The ninth issue of the Actineo client magazine contains information on the latest key trends in bodily injury claims settlement, such as the increase in digitisation within healthcare, plus legal issues surrounding processing sensitive data.

Issue 08 - September 2019


The eighth issue of AM PULS looks at medical aspects of settling bodily injury claims, such as the role of psychological trauma following accidents, and tackles Deep Learning, an important issue for the future of digitisation in the industry. This issue also contains information on how Actineo is continuing to improve bodily injury claims management using client-specific assessment management and new features in the Actineo Cockpit, our web-based platform for active claims management.


Issue 07 - March 2019


The seventh issue of AM PULS focuses as usual on the latest legal and medical aspects of settling bodily injury claims, such as the current case law on assessing pain and suffering compensation and how to handle malpractice in compensation proceedings. The client magazine also contains information on our latest client projects – including our UNIQA Österreich Versicherungen project – plus the latest products, accelerated processes and expanded services at Actineo. This issue also looks at how the Actineo Cockpit brings together the digital world with the analogue – using the latest technology like the reserve calculator – to make claims management efficient.

Issue 06 - September 2018


The sixth issue of AM PULS looks at the latest legal and medical aspects of settling bodily injury claims, such as head and brain injuries suffered in an accident and the first impacts of the much-discussed General Data Protection Regulation. The client magazine also contains information on the increasingly agile IT processes that Actineo employs in order to develop the Actineo Cockpit, for example. This pioneering digital platform helps liability insurers and private accident insurers actively manage claims, and assists them with controlling and reserve management. You can also read up on how automated claims settlement in the private accident insurance sector is set to develop in future.


Issue 05 - March 2018


The fifth issue of AM PULS presents the latest digital solutions for bodily injury claims management that utilise tools such as data analysis and data modelling. You can also read up on how data-based risk scores can not only make medical assessments easier, but are also helping to prevent fraud and manage care costs in bodily injury claims. In this vein, our guest authors in this issue, Heinz Otto Höher and Dr Marius Fischer, take a look at cost-sharing agreements and neurological studies that are important for assessing long-term damages respectively.


Issue 04 - September 2017


The fourth issue of the Actineo client magazine discusses topics such as the advance of digitisation and automation in the insurance industry. How can digital products and privacy develop in tandem? How does (partial) automation work with respect to bodily injury claims? In the cover story, Prof Alexander Brink from the University of Bayreuth and Dr Frank Esselmann of concern GmbH explain why the digital world needs people to be competing over values and how insurers can benefit from setting out ethical principles. AM PULS also contains information on the new Actineo platform, Phoenix, which will improve the services and processes of our bodily injury claims specialists even further.

Issue 03 - March 2017


The subject of Predictive Analytics/Modelling is as much a hot topic in the insurance industry, and its importance is continuing to grow. The third issue of AM PULS shows how Actineo uses Predictive Analytics to streamline services and in-house processes. Plus, in an interview with AM PULS, Onnen Siems, CEO of MSK and actuary, explains why the future lies in data-based forecasting models. In the cover story, Horst Nussbaumer, Chief Claims Officer for the Zurich Group Germany, talks about how intelligent machines will help humans with claims settlement. This edition of AM PULS of course also contains all the usual information on the latest services from Actineo.

Issue 02 - September 2016


Self-driving cars is a subject on everyone's lips and visions of the world of mobility of tomorrow have become a permanent fixture in the media. The second issue of the Actineo client magazine focuses on highly-automated driving but also takes a deep-dive from an industry perspective to ask, "How much will the trend towards autopiloting impact the motor insurance industry in general, and bodily injury claims in particular?"

Issue 01 - April 2016


The first issue of AM PULS focuses on the subject of digitisation in a multitude of ways, highlighting the conflicts involved in bodily injury claims from multiple perspectives. Contributions come from company employees, as well as future researchers and Actineo clients in news items and interviews, guest articles, essays and best-practice examplesrt.


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